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Posted: Sunday 21st April 2019


With a great crowd of 44 with me this year on Norfolk Island, I chose a lovely bunch of dances for the week. 


There are also quite a few coming to the Sydney ball so I thought I would add some ball dances ….

Black Feathers - Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) (Beginner) 32 Counts 4 Wall
Pillows - Linda Burgess (AUS) (Beginner Waltz) 24 Counts 4 Wall
Lonely Lovers - Maddison Glover (AUS) (Improver) 32 Counts 4 Wall
Maybe We Will - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane / Tina Argyle (High Beginner) 32 Counts 4 Wall
Mr Jukebox -Tom Glover (AUS) (Low Intermediate) 64 Counts 2 Wall
Yes M’am, No M’am - Ria Vos (NL) (Improver) 48 Counts 4 Wall
Sittin’ Here - Kate Simpkin (AUS) (Improver) 32 Counts 4 Wall
Doing The Walk - Pim Van Grootel (SE) / Jef Camps (BE) / Roy Verdonk (NL) (High Improver) 32 Counts 4 Wall
Soldier - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) (Improver) 32 Counts 4 Wall
Always Remember Us - Lu Olsen (AUS) (Easy Intermediate) 32 Counts 2 Wall
Girl Behind The Mask - Jo Rosenblatt (AUS) (Intermediate) 64 Count 2 Wall
Back To Life - Tim Gauci (AUS) (Intermediate Waltz) 72 Count 2 Wall
Bethlehem Child - Roy Verdonk / Sebastiaan Holtland / Jose Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) (Intermediate) 28 Count 4 Wall
I Hope - Maggie Gallagher (UK) (High Intermediate) 32 Counts 2 Wall
Whisper In My Ear - Gary O' Reilly (IRE) (Intermediate NC2S) 32 Counts 2 Wall


Also, in the workbook I had:


Devils & Angels - Michael Vera Lobos (AUS) (absolutely gorgeous dance) (Mrs Ed...unable to locate step sheet.)
Habibi - Gary O’Reilly (IRE) (Improver) 32 Counts 4 Wall
(fun and Energetic)

She Ain’t Me - Maggie Gallagher (UK) (Intermediate) 32 Counts 4 Wall (such a pretty song and dance …. but just run out of time at the end of the week)

I demoed a dance called Never Love Again - Paul Snooke (AUS) / Guillaume Richard (FR) (Advanced) 64 Counts 1 Wall

And a quick walk through of I Close My Eyes – Hazel Pace (UK) (Beginner Waltz) 42 Counts 4 Wall and a hand through of Baby Shark!

It’s was a fantastic week of socials and classes.








TAURANGA SOCIAL by Heather Coleman

Posted: Friday 19th April 2019


A brief thank you to our NZ Linedance family for your support in attending Heather’s Tauranga Social on 6th April 2019, which was held in the Bethlehem Town Hall (lovely venue).


Approximately 139 linedancers rolled up from 17 areas/suburbs, plus Tauranga, Mount Papamoa, Bethlehem, Welcome Bay and Omokoroa.  Also, 25 teachers attended.


Comments by text sent to me included ‘Loved Your Social’, ‘Awesome Social’, ‘Great Job’, ‘We had a Great Time’, ‘Great Social’, ‘Loved The Old Dances’ and ‘Just Like Old Times’.


My grateful thanks to DJ Anna Den Otter from Te Aroha, who did a great job, not only for being DJ on the day, but for putting my programme together, printing it, etc. etc., and bringing Lorraine to help with the dancing.


To my class members, ‘Thank You’ for all your support.  Those who could not attend also gave freely – hence the wonderful Raffles.


After all expenses were reimbursed, $380 went to St Johns Appeal and $250 to the Ruel Foundation, Philippines.


We were lucky to have Marilyn Frost from Rangiora visit Tauranga and dance with us at Omokoroa, also at Mount RSA Saturday morning and teach 4 new dances to my class.


If ever any of you are visiting this way, please give me a ring or text on 027 4876332 and come dance at one of our classes, we have a class most days and I can let you know where (or you can check our listing on the North Island Classes page).



Heather Coleman


Mr & Mrs Ed: Many thanks Heather for your letter for publication.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and all those who have kindly made donations to cover the annual costs of keeping this site going - either through the PayPal button on the site or by sending a payment to us at The Beat, PO Box 16442, Hornby, Christchurch, 8441.





Posted: Monday 25th February 2019


Hi Everyone, just thought I would let you know what dances I taught this year so far.


At our new Tataunui class venue - aka Morrinsville Line Dancers:

DOWN AT THE HONKY TONK – [Darren Mitchell, BEG]
MUSIC TO MY EYES – [Derek Steele & Simon Ward, IMP]
TAI-WANT LOVE – [Debbie Rushton & Simon Ward, INT]
IMITATION LOVE – [Gary Lafferty, AB]
COLADA KICK – [Paul Snooke, BEG]
WATCH THE TEMPO – [Joey, Guillaume, Fred… ADV]
ON A MISSION – [Audrey Watson, AB & BEG]
SHORT SKIRT WEATHER – [Lisa M, Johns-Grose & Tracy H, BEG]
CRYING FOR YOU – [Linda Burgess, INT]
ON MY WAY! – [Lee Hamilton, BEG]
POWER OVER ME – [Roy Verdonk, Annette Rosendahl Dam, Jef Camps, INT]

Dances taught at Pukekohe – aka Puni Line Dancers:

TAI-WANT LOVE – [Debbie Rushton & Simon Ward, INT]
MUSIC TO MY EYES – [Derek Steele & Simon Ward, IMP]
WATCH THE TEMPO – [Joey, Guillaume, Fred… ADV]
OH ME OH MY OH – [Rob Fowler, IMP]
ON MY OWN – [Mike Stringer (UK), INT]
CRYING FOR YOU – [Linda Burgess, INT]
GRAFFITI – [Karl-Harry Winson, High INT]


Hope to catch you on the dancefloor soon.


Celia x




Posted: Friday 8th February 2019


Hi Mr & Mrs Ed & our Beat Linedance friends

Greetings from Singapore as we celebrate Chinese New Year - It’s the Year of The PIG!

I see that The Beat has a new great website now - some old friends are still on the site, some are gone.

We are still line dancing - if any one visits Singapore please come and see us.

K C & Rosemary
Danzbuddies SINGAPORE
KC Ang email:




Posted: Mon 28th January 2019


Dedicated Dance DJ        Gary Lafferty

Dedicated Dance Artist    Richard Palmer

The Irene Crossley For The Love Of Dance Award    George Crutchlow (Copperknob)

UK Instructor    Fred Whitehouse

International Instructor    Maddison Glover (AUS)

UK Choreographer    Fred Whitehouse

International Choreographer    Gary O`Reilly (IRE)

Female Dance Personality    Maddison Glover (AUS)

Male Dance Personality    Gary O`Reilly (IRE)

Hall Of Fame Inductee    Dave Baycroft

Rising Star    Blaire Morgan

Absolute Beginner Dance    Rocket To The Sun by Maddison Glover (AUS)

Beginner Dance    I Close My Eyes by Hazel Pace

Improver Dance    Groovy Love by Daniel Trepat (NL), Fred Whitehouse and Jonas Dahlgren (FR)

Intermediate Dance    Vanotek Cha by Gary O`Reilly (IRE)

Advanced Dance    Blaze Of Glory by Fred Whitehouse, Neils Poulsen (DK), Shane McKeever and Simon Ward (AUS)

Wild Card Dance    Come Alive by Rachael McEnaney-White (UK/US) and Shane McKeever

Dance Of The Year    Vanotek Cha by Gary O`Reilly (IRE)

Outstanding Dance Achievement (for dances that have continually been in the charts and nominated for awards for years)
Lipstick Powder & Paint by Steve & Claire Rutter,
Mamma Maria by Frank Trace (USA),
Superheroes by Maggie Gallagher,
Young Blood by Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs





Instructor Valerie Hughes introduces Milford Linedancers and shares their Christmas Book 2018

Posted: Thu 20th December 2018


Hi Mike & Chrissie and fellow linedancers


I know you are always interested in what is happening in the linedance world and thought you may be interested in our Milford Linedancing Group.... around 45+ dancers in the Thursday class and about 25 in the Easy Intermediate group on Friday night (known as the Friday Nighters) you have us listed on your site [Auckland-North Shore (Milford)].


We are a very social group and rarely miss the chance for a party - attached are some photos (see Christmas Book below) taken at our Christmas Variety Show last week when we featured music and dance from the 20-30's, 40-50's, Rock & Roll of the 60's, shows tunes of the 70's-80's. We had a full house and everyone had a great time.


I encourage all my group to bring along their families and grandchildren and I always have something up my sleeve for them to dance to after the show and the whole dance group gets the audience to join in... the young ones are generally blown away by the speed of their grandparents and often puff to keep up!


My way of ensuring our sort of dance never dies out and the Friday Nighters are proof of this as some of the younger ones dancing are in their 20's and they work to keep up with the older ones in their 70's especially doing the Jive Bunny!


We do a bit of everything which everyones loves... some country, some rock & roll, swing, Latin, Irish and we have our main social events - Chinese NY in Feb, St. Paddy's Day in March, our big Country Hoe Down in June, a Rock & Roll & Abba party in Sept. and then our big Christmas show in Dec... so you see we are very active busy dancers... we also have a few kiwi dances with Maori themes up our sleeve for Matariki.

Have a wonderful Christmas break, we are not dancing until around 17&18 January as the hall closes for maintenance.


I hope you enjoy looking at our 2018 Christmas Book 

Kind regards, Valerie Hughes





Letter of Thanks from Celia after the Morrinsville Weekend

Posted: Wed 12th September 2018


Hi everyone,


Here it is Monday night and I’m feeling GOOOOOD, what an amazing weekend we have just had with Kate Simpkin she was so entertaining and loads of fun to be around – wish we could keep her!  Thank you Kate I have loved every minute with you I know we will see more of you in the future.


Kate gave us all awesome dances for all of us to teach our classes over the next month. I would tell you my favourite but I can’t as the whole lot were {workshop teaches dance list is on this website}.


I want to take this opportunity to thank my whole team of volunteer’s who did everything I asked of them, they truly are the ones who made this event the success it was.


To all the instructors along with their dancers who travelled from as far south as Oamaru to as far north as Whakaparu thank you for your support and bringing such enthusiasm fun and laughter that it was.


Congratulations to some first-time dancers that had attended their very first workshop, who I know will now have the line dance bug for workshop weekends.


I look forward to bringing you all another great weekend/social event again soon, so watch this space for more info!!!


Until then take care Happy dancing everyone 😊

Cheers Celia   





Workshop Teaches Updated & September Top 5's - Online

Posted: Sun 9th September 2018/Updated Mon 10th September 2018


If you weren't already aware we list the dances that were taught at workshops around the country.

If you want to know what was taught but were unable to attend ... then visit the page.

We have added Kate Simpkin's Morrinsville Teaches & Maddison Glover's Rangiora Teaches.

Those instructors/clubs hosting a workshop please pass the list of dances taught on to us.

It will be gratefully appreciated, thank you.




Letter of Thanks from Kidney Health New Zealand

Posted: Tue 10th July 2018


Dear Mike and Chrissie


Kidney Health New Zealand would like to thank you for the generous donation received on behalf of THE BEAT MAGAZINE. 


Kidney Health New Zealand promotes kidney health through information and education and funds research into the prevention, early detection and cure of kidney disease.  We vigorously promote organ donation and liaise with all New Zealand kidney patient groups.


We thank you once again for your kind donation.


Kind regards,

Deanne Hock

Kidney Health New Zealand




Classic Dances -  Scripts & Videos Now Online

Posted: Sun 8th July 2018


You will now find another tab on the navigation bar "Older Dances".

We have now added 14 of the older popular dances that are done at classes and socials.

The dances have a Dance Script and a video (either a Demo, Teach or Walkthru) which we hope beginners and those not sure of the dance will find useful.

The Ed's have chosen the dances so there is no one else to blame if your favourite is not there.


The video will play in the box provided for it, but if you would like to see a full screen image please click on the "YouTube" on the video.


Dancers are advised to go to copperknob.co.uk for the majority of dance scripts and YouTube for Demos, Teaches & Walk Thru's.




Latest Top 5 lists Are Now Online

Posted: Sun 8th July 2018


We have just added the latest Top 5 Lists from around the country.

The next cut off will be the 31st July 2018.




Message to Hine from her loving sister Molly

Posted: Mon 2nd July 2018



FLY LIKE A BIRD, you’ve now got your TICKET TO HEAVEN, where you and all your GALWAY GIRLS will be HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, as IN THIS LIFE, as you know, we’re always LOOKING FOR A FOOL, YOU AND I and as long as MAC THE KNIFE is there, you’ll be OVER THE MOON !!!!

I may need a few JD’s ( Jack Daniels ) to PICK ME UP, but if you COME DANCE WITH ME, that’ll be just PERFECT !!!

After a glass or two of CHAMPAGNE ON ICE, we could ask BILLY B BAD to join us, we could show him, if he doesn’t already know how, to SWAY & JUST GIVE, and we’ll give him some MAGIC MOMENTS of MEMORY LANE or better still, some BEDROOM BOOGIE or hey, maybe he’d be happy with just ALL OF ME !!!! hahaha :-)

WE”VE GOT TIME to WALTZ FOR MEGAN, or maybe OVER THE RAINBOW we’ll find PATSY FAGAN at PADDY’S CHOIR, oh that’s right, it’s FRIDAY, he’ll be AT THE DANCE, you know the one down on DIXIE ROAD ????

It sounds FAMILIAR, we’ll just JUMP ON A RIDE, will probably feel GUILTY AS HELL if we get LOST, but that’s ok, we’ll just call sister ALICE or maybe our mate DELILAH ?



We are & we always will, be MISSING YOU Skin, you had a HEART OF AN ANGEL, just keep HOLDIN’ ON & FLY HIGH ….

Love you FOREVER AND EVER our ‘ sweet as ‘ …. SOUL SISTER Hine xxxx




Chippy & Paddy Are Both Sponsored For 1yr

Posted: Sat 16th June 2018


We are pleased to let those magazine readers who chose to put their remaining subscription money towards the Riding For The Disabled Charity (RDA), that we have used that money to sponsor both Chippy & Paddy at the Christchurch RDA for 1 year from 14th June 2018.


Chippy Paddy

As you can see these are two bright young ponies and we are sure they thank you for your support.


Beginners Line Dance Booklet Is Online

Posted: Sun 10th June 2018


The Beginners Line Dance Guide is now online and available by clicking the book on the home page.

This has been compiled by Sue Wellesley-Davies with valuable contributions from Sharon Running, Bob Redstone and others.

Instructors please let your new beginners know about this as it will certainly help them.

As the booklet changes and updates are made, we shall add version numbers and a date updated to the home page.



Puni Social & Kath's Celebration of Her Life

Posted: Wed 6th June 2018


The scheduled programme of events for the social on 10th June - Puni Line Dance Club, and Kath’s Celebration (of her life.):

We will dance for an hour, before stopping at 12 o’clock for a half hour 'eulogy' led by Kay Mckintyre. Lunch will follow, then a continuation of the dance programme. A table will be set up and the opportunity to place messages/copies of photos etc bought along to be pegged onto a wall hanging, as dancers enter the hall. This area can be looked at over the course of the day.

The theme is still Western, with a $5 entry and raffles to support Westpac Helicopters - this time. The socials, raising money for charities, will continue, just as Kath would have wanted.

I hope that brief outline helps, for those who are not on our mailing list, but wish to attend our social and celebration on the 10th June. Thanks.

Lynne Brown on behalf of The Puni Line Dance Club


Ed's write: The Social programme for the day is available on the Events page.



First Photos added to the Social Gallery

Posted: Sun 3rd June 2018


We are pleased to let you know that the first photos have been added to the Social Gallery page.

These were taken by Brad Reeve on the Saturday night of Galaxy Timaru's 25th Birthday Weekend.

We shall limit the photos for each social. (This will be at the discretion of the Ed's).




Posted: Sat 19th May 2018


Galaxy Linedance Timaru would like to thank all of you who joined us the weekend of 11th – 13th May 2018 to celebrate our birthday of 25 years of linedancing in Timaru. With a fantastic MC, Stephen Paterson who with plenty of hijinks kept us all entertained, and a great Workshop for everyone, a big thankyou Stephen.   


Galaxy appreciates those of you who travelled the long and short distances to be with us.  It was a great weekend with amazing people and moments not to be forgotten to sum up a beautiful event.


Thanks for coming we really appreciated your presence. 

We look forward to seeing and catching up with you again somewhere, some place, on the dance floor.


Kind wishes

Galaxy Linedance Group Timaru


Ed's write: Stephen's workshop teaches are listed on the website.